Florida Strawberry Festival 2010

Today, the kids and I went to the Florida Strawberry Festival. We'd planned to visit as a family on Thursday, but the weather and Ed's flu conspired against us. Waiting until the last day played in our favor, because it was a gorgeous day!

Once again, when presented with all the food choices, Game Teen said he wanted pizza. I asked if he remembered what we had said last year about fairs, and he did-and promptly asked for one of these chicken on a sticks.

So the trick to getting the kid to eat a whole chicken cutlet is to put it on a stick? I am so getting more skewers tomorrow!

Later, I got a shish kebab and once Chef saw it, he changed his tune and helped me eat it. Later, they had some frozen hot chocolate, but strangely, we didn't eat anything else. Weird. We did enjoy checking out what options were available.

The highlight this year was that Adventure Base 100, an exhibit celebrating 100 years of Boy Scouts in America, would be at the fair. It was worth the visit.

We entered a inflata-tent to view a brief movie that highlights the things that scouts can enjoy. (I especially liked all the video of Philmont that was interspersed throughout)

Then, we went through the touring version of the National Scouting Museum. The boys sped through the historical part and spent a lot of time with the hands on. What a surprise. I got a bunch of pictures of the exhibit in case they want to see what they missed. Oh, and there were some commemorative pressed pennies, so they each added to their collection of flattened copper.

The rope climb had a long line, so they passed, but they each had their picture taken, Game Teen on the cover of Boy's Life, Chef as a rock climber. These will be emailed to me within the week and I'll share them here.

If you come across the Adventure Base 100 in your travels, be prepared to pick up some 100th anniversary scout stuff. We did, and on the way out, we saw our council's 100th anniversary patch-so we bought a couple. If we hadn't just put Chef's new patch on his new shirt with badge magic, he'd be wearing it. (wonder if we should pick some up for trading if they make it to the Jamboree this year?)

Afterwards, we walked around, listened to Sara Evans while the concert was going on and soaked in the warmth and sunshine. All three of us enjoyed it, but next year? We'll make sure that Ed gets to spend time, too.


Gypsydoodlebug said…
Suzanne said…
I can't tell you what it tasted like, but something tells me you won't miss the fair this year!

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