Squid Jerky

Entering an Asian market with Chef means I will walk out with new and
interesting delicacies.


Judy said…
Ick, yuck, gross, you didn't really buy this stuff, did you? If the answer is yes, did you try it? Gotta know.
Suzanne said…
I did buy it. For a buck, the kid wanted to try and I'm all for him trying new stuff.

It was good. Take the flavor of calamari, intensify the squid flavor, add five spice blend and there you go.

Ed and Chef were lamenting the fact that we only purchased one package of this. They will be stocking up on it for camping trips.
JW said…
wife likes squid if it is cooked right. I have had squid that tasted and chewed like rubber. Had some in the Philippines that actually tasted good.

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