Monday Musings

Things I ponder as I sort through my children's belongings in preparation of moving it:

1. How does a child suddenly have 3,485 Lincoln Logs, when the only time the toy was purchased was when a certain 13 year old earned them while potty training. We're talking one of these jobbies: We now have a 16 gallon tub full of them and neither boy was ever given them as a gift for any occasion.

2. Where did all of the matchbox and hot wheels cars come from? I suspect that my gearhead husband snuck them into the child's room on a regular basis, because we haven't really purchased those since the last move and the tub that contained them is overflowing, with a second one corralling approximately 20 more. Weird.

3. When you have barely purchased any toys in the last two years, and aren't parents that buy toys on whims anyway, it stuns you the quantity of Legos that are amassed when two boys buy them with gift cards. Chef leans towards the larger Star Wars ships, but I can't see anything resembling that it the two monstrous totes filled to the brim.

4. How is it that a toy that's been up on a shelf for over two years with the battery on the whole time is still lit up AND worked properly when reunited with the remote control that was in the other child's bedroom the whole time (in the bottom of his closet, no less.)

I think these toys procreate when we're not looking. If only there was a way to harness that power...


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