Sometimes, You Just Gotta Do It

Hire a maid, that is.

Two weeks of back spasms and the other daily issues that aren't going away made me decide last week to hire someone to do the scrubbing that would either a. drive me to painkillers (that I've actually should have been using for the #@!$#%#$% spasms) or b. require a visit to the doctor after pushing too far and doing too much.

See, I'm learning!

Calculate the cost of the doctor's visit, the physical therapy that he'd send me to and the possible prescription for more when I used up the bottle that's always there 'just in case', and a maid is a bargain.

She does good work, too:

You'd never know a flour-happy cook used that kitchen and a powder happy man used that bathroom!

And with that, the only thing left to finish in that house is the last few things in the garage.

Voy a beber cervezas manana para celebrar. I'll still come out ahead from what the doctor and assorted items would run!


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