Food Fun

One of the shows I occasionally watch on Food Network is Chopped. Honestly, though, I see the commercials for it more than I actually view the show.

The premise is this: Four chefs, four ingredients, create a dish while the clock counts down. The worst of the four dishes gets 'chopped'. Then the next round is three chefs, four ingredients and then a final round, with the lone chef who has not been 'chopped' getting a $10,000 paycheck.

The four ingredients can be far reaching and might not work well together. The panel of judges rates the chefs on appearance and taste and how they incorporate the four ingredients into their dish. For instance, on one episode, a chef made a phenomenal beef with berry and parsnip dish, but used the pretzels as a garnish.

Tonight, we saw another commercial and Ted Allen's voiceover states "Chefs, your ingredients" and my mind immediately came up with four things that might be difficult to make into a cohesive meal:

maple syrup
swiss cheese

Who knows? Those four ingredients may have already been on an episode. All I know is that if I was served a dish with all of those? I'd chop it!


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