The Secret Ingredient Is Love

Growing up, i always looled forward to visiting with my Nana and
Papa. We didn't get to see them very often
, but when we did, we could count on having a piece of Nana's
delicious coffee cake.

When Nana passed away, my Mom discovered that the recipe Nana had been
pleasung us with for years was actually one that she'd won a state
home ec prize for creating.

The difference was that Mom's recipe featured cocoa, while Nana took
it out and doubled the cinnamon sugar and nuts.

I was tickled when Mom wrote the recipe down for me, knowing how much
i loved that from scratch treat.

I found the recipe tucked in a box of kitchen doodads today.

I think it is time to share the love with the boys, now that they are
old enough to understand...


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