A Last and A First

Chef's results in the pack's Pinewood Derby last month made him eligible for the District Pinewood Derby today. We were looking forward to seeing him compete, although we didn't have high hopes for him against many other cars (though we ended up with 36 total.)

Friday afternoon, our former Cubmaster/fellow committee member of the scout troop called and asked for some help. At the last minute, our Troop was asked if we would provide a concession stand for the event. Would the boys help? Without hesitation, I agreed and Chef joined me this morning.

The plan was that whatever boys showed up would man the table, selling drinks and snacks and would split the proceeds equally to go into their scout account. Three committee members and three boys showed up this morning (the usual suspects, actually!) and business was brisk, even at 8am.

Chef got pulled aside by one of the leaders of the Pack hosting the event. As a Boy scout, it would be a huge help if he would relay the boxes with the vehicles from the staging table up to the track. Off he went, and we moms and other two boys ran the snack table.

He was in his element, as he will work his butt off for a little bit of gratitude. There were a total of three boys helping out, and at one point, the leader who'd asked them to help brought the boys over to the table to treat them to snacks.

At noon, he was in the strange position of ferrying cars-including his own. He won his first heat, but came in third for the remaining three. I got the impression that he didn't even mind, because he was enjoying being the BOY scout who was asked to help, not the cub scout on the sidelines wishing to be on the other side.

So his last official event as a Cub was also his first official event helping out as a Boy. It was very cool to watch him in action, my little boy who is anything but little anymore.


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