Almost, But Not Quite

I got my laptop back today. It worked just fine - for about six minutes, the amount of time left in the battery prior to shipping it off.

The instructions I got were to send it without battery and power cord. I even asked the guy if they wanted to check them out, since I was complaining of power issues. He assured me that they didn't need them.

Apparently, they did. Another power cord is on its way. If that doesn't do the trick (it should), a new six cell battery.

In that six minutes, I found out that my hard drive is intact and that they messed with my layout a bit. The barely used web cam was relegated to a part of my display where I'm not likely to pan over it (like the top left default location). My desktop icons were moved a bit-but it appears everything was still there

In five to seven days, I'll have another go at a working laptop.


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