Kirby,Take Two

The other day, we got a letter in the mail that the Kirby people had decided to cancel Jane's contract for the purchase of that 1299.00 vacuum. If you look at that contract, however, Jane paid a 99.93 deposit for a vacuum she no longer owns. I called them today and asked if the money was coming back. The answer?


What was interesting was the information that manager from Pivitol, Inc. shared with me. "We're out of the three day cancellation window and I've already lost 698 dollars on this sale, so no, the money's not coming back."

Did you see that amount? Six HUNDRED ninety eight dollars? Yeah, they paid that much commission to the salesperson. If you add that to the hundred that was already paid as a deposit, that's $797.00 paid out in commission. This means the net cost of a Kirby Vacuum cleaner is only five hundred dollars.

The same amount of money I told Jane I was willing to pay for a Dyson.

So, if you're thinking about getting a Kirby, know that the salesperson walks into your home with a $500 vacuum. What you're willing to pay is up to you.

I called Jane to tell her that she wasn't getting that deposit back and she was upset. She wasn't very happy about it, as she'd assumed it was coming back. I figured I would skip telling her how much the salesperson was paid for that 'bargain' down from $2399 "list price" down to $1299 "sale price" vacuum.

On the other hand, you all need to know. As my tenth grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Kurth, would frequently say, Caveat Emptor.

Let the buyer beware.


Incredible, isn't it?

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