Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Remember when you were a kid and your parents had control of the TV? Not the remote, because back then, the remote meant Mom or Dad nudge you and said "Go change the TV to channel 5." No, I mean when your parents chose what TV shows the family watched, because they were kid friendly until 10pm.

Back then, the shows had great theme songs. Real ones that lasted a full minute, ones that gave you enough time to come in from another room or finish washing that last dish before the good stuff started.

For me, there are shows like the Mary Tyler Moore show (who can turn the world on with her smile?), Archie Bunker (Boy, the way Glenn Miller played), Maude (Lady Godiva was a freedom rider) and MASH (did you know there are words to that theme? I learned how to play it and it. is. sad!)

A friend posted a link the other day and I was transformed to weeknights in my Mom's den, watching back to back episodes of this favorite. Jack Klugman reminds me of my dad, partly resemblance and partly personality. He definitely wasn't Oscar Madison!

Just hearing the theme song makes me wish I still had WPIX and the evening back to back episodes...


Those Were The quote Archie and edith.
ligirl said…
And I have serious doubts that suicide is painless...especially for those left behind.

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