First Friday

Bob and Maureen suggested we visit Lakeland's First Friday last night, and it sounded like a great plan. Off we went.

I'm glad we did. The night was a perfect fall in Florida evening, just around 70 degrees. Parking was a little bit of a challenge, but other than that, it was worth it to walk around downtown and see the sights. Then there were the dogs-LOTS of dogs. Though I have to wonder why someone would bring a muzzled Doberman and when people went to pet the animal, the owner said the dog is NOT friendly.

Several times here, I've professed my soft spot for neon and the love of the quantity this area maintains. There will be a neon tour of Lakeland on the blog someday, but for now, just three of the many signs in the downtown area that held First Friday.
This restaurant gets rave reviews from several friends. Eventually, we'll visit for some cajun food. Maureen warned that her experience netted some extremely slow service.
I wonder if Coaster Kid googled what this is. It's an empty alley nowadays, but there may have been something there before. He wanted to use my phone to search, but that's not such a wise idea when I keep telling Game Teen he can't use my phone to access the Internet!

This looked to be a very lively place. The area has a lot of little mom and pop restaurants and cafes, enough that you try a new one every day and eat for almost a month! Once we win the lottery, I'll get right on that.

Not seen: the car show of various vintage vehicles. My phone battery died as I went to take a picture of a really nice Beetle that was done up in Miami Dolphins colors. Later, we saw a Willys in creamsicle colors, and I explained to the boys that their PopPop had one, but Mema hated riding around in a truck and he got rid of it. Chef says he wants a Willys someday.

Dinner was at Palace Pizza, pizza slices in a very crowded place. The local family owned chain has five or six restaurants open, and I've now tried 4. If the place wasn't so crowded, I probably would have gone for their pasta special-it looked SO good.

Next month, I'll make sure the batteries are charged before I head out. If I can get my hands on some Kodachrome, I think I'll get out my trusty old SLR and the tripod and have some fun with the neon...


Bob said…
Oooo, neon in KC. Just dripping RED!!!

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