Can't Sleep

Did you ever have to get up early to do something, but when you tried to get back to sleep, your mind was swimming so much that you couldn't?

That's me right now.

I drove Game Teen to the bus stop this morning, as I do each morning (I am not a fan of him standing out there on his own at that hour). Then I stopped at Jane's to empty out the fridge of items that are well over two weeks old because she's coming home from the hospital today (two weeks this time). I came back home and tried to sleep, but it isn't happening.

Some of the things weighing on my mind:

1. This weekend's walkathon. My job is to find donations from businesses to give to the walkers and refreshments to hand out during the walk. It's been a learning experience, because the corporate owned locations want notice months in advance. So, my head was racing with local businesses that I love that might want to recognize the efforts of our walkers.

2. I broke a pyrex bowl yesterday while washing dishes. Have you ever done that? As I was barefoot, Ed was kind enough to grab the broom and sweep up what could be seen. The nasty thing about Pyrex is that it breaks into thousands of tiny shards, some so small that a broom can't find them.

But my foot can.

Especially my foot on My Stupid Leg (trademark pending). I've picked out a half dozen of these suckers and currently have one that resists any efforts to remove it. The annoying part of it all is that because of the RSD, I know they're in there, but trying to get them out is hard because the nerves also indicate pain. A soak in the tub got one tough one, but not the other. The poking and prodding put the nerves on Defcon 3 alert. Ugh.

3. We've been doing the nursing home phone tag. Ed's mom has an infection and has had a few episodes of being unresponsive. They've taken her off her blood pressure meds and the anti anxiety medication, because both will lower blood pressure. Apparently, the tests they did the other day revealed that her heart is in pretty bad shape. It's probably going to be a bumpy ride for a while until things get figured out.

4. Jane is finally, two weeks later, coming home from the hospital (you don't want to know how many days this makes it for 2009). Her pacemaker battery has not been replaced, and they are fitting her with a vest that functions as a pacemaker and defibrillator until her infections go away.

Here's the bad part: her kidneys are already having a hard enough time fighting stuff off. Until she went in the hospital, she (despite our best efforts to not bring it into the house) consumed a ton of processed sugar. This makes the kidneys work overtime on THAT and ignore the infection. Couple this with the fact that she's on the strongest antibiotics they make and yeah, I'm worried.

Why? Because once she develops a resistance to the Vancomycin and the even stronger one they gave her this week, there is NOTHING else to treat any infection she has. She's allergic to one class of antibiotic. This, boys and girls, is why your doctor doesn't give you them for the slightest illness-because they don't want you to be in this situation down the road...

5. I've been calling my Gyn's office all week, hoping for a cancellation. I visit the Neurologist and Vascular Surgeon today for a follow up and a sign off on surgery. If I can get in to see him right after those two appointments, we can schedule this thing and get it over with early in the semester break.

6. In a good deed move that seems to have played out: A classmate sent out an urgent email Monday night. Seems he was sharing the textbook for Children's Lit with another student and she's been ignoring his calls and emails. There was a paper due that night and he hadn't read the chapter that corresponded to it. He was looking for someone near the Tampa campus to meet up and let him look at the book real quick to see what he was supposed to write about.

I sent an email to him that I wasn't in Tampa, but would be happy to answer the quesions when I got home from class. We talked, he figured out what he needed and all was good. Then I figured "hey, I only spent 8 bucks for this book and I only have two assignments to bang out-he can have mine."

A couple of emails back and forth, he was happy and I was motivated to finish these two papers in two days. Then I got an email from the Tampa campus, where I'm to meet up with him. It says that the Grad Schools are having an open house today on campus. So, I get to give someone my book and get the information that the staff on my campus can't quite answer (but they've done their best to get those answers.)

Gee, is it any wonder why I couldn't get back to sleep?

Where's the coffee?


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