The Changing of the Guard

It's probably a toss up as to who has missed the mixer the most. For me, I lost the ability to make several favorite meals and treats. For Ed and the kids, pizza night was gone. For Jane, well, anything that sprung from the mixer was well received.

Months ago, she said she was going to save up and get us a new one. I didn't get my hopes up. If it happened, great. If not, there would be a tax refund someday.

Last week, we went to lunch together and Jane told me to go buy the one I wanted, it would be her Christmas present to me and Ed. It didn't matter which one I chose. Part of me wanted the top of the line 525 watt behemoth, but I'm still fiscally responsible with other people's money. I went for a more powerful 5 qt model, so I could still use the bowl from the old one.

It has been sitting in the box for almost a week, because I wanted an empty sink. Yesterday, Ed took on that chore (thank you, Honey!) and today, it has been unpacked and placed next to the old one.

I have to make the promised raspberry chocolate chip cookies for Jane. Add that raspberry extract to the grocery list.

Welcome, new gadget. We'll keep you busy in this house!


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