Surgery Date

The past week and a half, I've been calling my doctor's office to find out when I'll be having surgery. It was an exercise in frustration. No amount of explaining why I wanted to know and get things in order seemed to help.

Ed needs two weeks notice to request a day off
I already had an appointment on the books for December 11th that my doctor said to keep as a 'post op appointment.'
My classes start back up on January 7th, and I wanted the all clear to drive before then.
I needed to know if I had to make arrangements to get to the hospital or home if Ed was stuck working.

If you haven't noticed, I thrive on planning what I can. Not knowing something that I need to know drives me batty. So, in an effort to plan, the doctor's office got a daily phone call. Well, the word finally came back. My surgery is scheduled for December 8th. Ed is off from work. (Minor miracle). I have an overnight stay, and I'm hoping they kick me out early on the 9th, because Ed does not have that day off.

At least I booked the session for the meal prep place before surgery and will have a freezer full of back and serve meals to feed us all.


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