This year's Thanksgiving was nice and low key. A split menu, because we were spending the afternoon at Bob and Maureen's. A bargain turkey and I was ready to brine. Stuffing and twice baked potatoes and we were ready to go. It seems like something is missing when you only make a few things.

It was nice to have a relaxing day with friends, but it would have been better to have Ed with us. He has a job, they expected him to work today, and well, you do what you have to. Besides, he's not a turkey fan, so it will be a nice ham meal sometime in the next couple of days.

I broke in the mixer by making whipped cream for chocolate cream pie (store bought crust, meet store bought pudding.) Alas, there was an unfortunate pie incident on the way to their house and we didn't enjoy the fruits of the Kitchen Aid.

Now, after a snack of leftovers, I'm ready for a nap...


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