Procrastination, Thy Name Is Suzanne

I can't sleep.

Why? Probably because my head is swimming with all sorts of stuff. Stuff like:

*Nonverbal communication strategies and Asperger's Syndrome (the paper I need to write for class tonight)
*Denial of Service Attacks (the group Wiki project for another class that is due Saturday, but I set the internal group deadline for today)
*The Powerpoint presentation I want to tweak for another class
*The chapter I really wanted to read before tonight's class
*The surgery that's in 9 days (AAAACCCCKKKK)
*The freezer that really doesn't have room for twelve frozen meals from the meal prep place
*The letter I need to write to one of Ed's mom's creditors
*The copy of last year's taxes I need for Game Teen's meds
*The scout project Game Teen signed up for that happens to be three days after surgery
*The house that needs to be cleaned prior to surgery
*The assisted living places we need to look at SOON because Jane needs to make a decision
*The physical therapy appointment that I would love to skip, but shouldn't
*The application for an on campus job I really need to submit NOW
*The textbooks for next semester that I want to track down to get a jump on reading
*The Spanish class that only has one slot left and I need a cross enrollment form to get it (so I don't take a foreign language online)
*The Psych lab that's due Wednesday, but I haven't even formulated what to do

I'm part way through most of the school stuff and figured I better get some sleep so the words would flow better. Besides, I write better under deadlines, anyway. The other stuff combined with that conspired against me instead and now it's 4am and I'll probably bang out the Asperger's paper before I take Game Teen to the bus stop.

Hey, at least I got one thing done prior to writing this post. Jessica and I have pretty much sewn up our A in the Counseling Skills class, but we made a kick butt show board, scrapbook and Powerpoint of our service project. I felt the scrapbook needed a summary of what we did and why-and that's done.

For the most part, the school stuff will be mostly done by Wednesday night. I will have to edit the group project and make sure all members do their 8 pages (2500 words, 24 paragraphs-whichever way seems less intimidating) and then read three chapters over and over until Monday night's Research final.

In the home stretch...


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