Winding Down, Gearing Up

There are three weeks left in the current semester. Two of my classes are definite A's, the other two are iffy, one due to group projects, and the other because I've whittled away 43 of the 65 point cushion that I need to keep an A.

That professor apparently still hasn't learned our names-she told me yesterday that she won't look at me during lectures, because I will supply the answers. When I lamented the two 80's on exams, she was stunned I was worried that I wouldn't get an A.

Meanwhile, the time has come to register for next semester's classes. I need eleven more for my degree, and I've got my list in the back of my notebook. For weeks, I've been scouring the class schedule to determine what I'll take. Two of my classmates expressed interest in carpooling to the Tampa campus to get a better selection of Psychology department electives. The down side? All those classes meet two days a week.

Ultimately, when it came down to it, the need to take a foreign language and Psychological Statistics limited the rest of my choices. Tampa was out, because the Spanish class meets twice a day, on my campus, in the MIDDLE of the day. I can only choose one night class, thanks to Ed's schedule.

Okay, so two web based courses to round out my schedule since my campus didn't have anything to mesh up with the days I'm already there. There are two psych courses, but one requires a permit for anyone who doesn't have that campus as their home campus. I applied for it, but I won't know until December 5th-and there are only a couple of slots left. I did get the other one (Score! That professor has a 4.8 on Rate My Professor with dozens of ratings)

What to take? Well, I've toyed with a Information Systems minor to give me a good foundation for the Master's program-but that means an extra semester of school. Even if I don't ultimately go the minor route, wouldn't one of those courses be helpful down the road? It made a lot of sense to me, and that's why I've got an IT course for the second semester in a row.

So four down, seven to go to the Bachelors. (and one of those will now be a CLEP exam)

All semester long, people will tell me I'm nuts to take on all the family stuff AND school, that I must be royally stressed by it all. I have to explain that school is my stress buster. Yes, it does cause some stress, but it takes away far more that it causes, because it is something positive. I am doing well and I enjoy it. What's crazy about that?


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