NaBloPoMo Once More

Two years ago today, I started on a journey of posting every day. Little did I know, the commitment to one month of blogging would result in twenty three more. Yes, it's been two years that at this time of day, if I haven't written something, I get very, very antsy-I have to post something.

Along the way, I've found some extremely talented writers to add to the daily (or weekly) reading. Even better, I've found some friends in the blogosphere. Someday, I will actually meet these wonderful people. Who knows? Maybe at BlogHer '10.

If you've got the blogging bug, it's not too late to join this year's event at
. Or if you are one the many wonderful blog readers, check out their blogroll and you'll have a month of daily writings from the majority of those who signed up.

Or, maybe, just maybe, you'll see someone start this thing, thinking to themselves "Thirty days? Seriously? What am I going to write for thirty days?" and they'll be chugging along some seven hundred days later...


OK, now you've inspired me. I'm game for the challenge.
Joyce-Anne said…
No, not doing it. Not with the school book fair looming... However, my crazy schedule won't keep me from checking out other bloggers.

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