What's For Dinner Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I made Bolognese Sauce and found out something I'd never known. It is hands down, Ed's favorite Italian sauce. Here I'd thought it was Alfredo sauce all these years.

Of course, this meant I had to make some again, especially since he was dropping hints about how much he loved the last batch I made. Alas, the kids won't eat it, but they'll eat everything else, so making a pot doesn't mean I really have to make two dinners.

The funny thing is that when I make it, I am reminded of a song from a high school. My sophomore year, we did the play Scapino, and in it, a singing waiter serenades a beautiful woman with the following:
Minestrone, Macaroni
Ravioli Aux Crevette
Caramella In Padella
Avocado Vinagrette

The bridge is why I've had it running through my head and singing it half the week

Scallopine Valdostana
Scampi, Fritti and Bordeaux,
Pasta Bolognese
Pate Mayonnaise
Cappuccino, Espresso

Some of those don't sound so appetizing, but the Pasta Bolognese certainly is - and Ed can enjoy a whole pot of it, too!


Eli's Lids said…
Subway. I'm lazy. Though we are going to walk there so maybe I'm not that lazy.
Suzanne said…
Walking for Subway definitely is not lazy. A good sub is worth the trip.

SB, head on down, there are plenty of leftovers-for now.
ligirl said…
Something Chef WON'T eat?
Suzanne said…
I know, weird. No, he didn't like the Bolognese. Now if I'd made that meat into meatballs, he'd have chowed down!
Altec said…
Looks Great!

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