You Have To Start Somewhere

Those who follow in Alton Brown's footsteps don't need this (and have
a designated brining bucket).

For those who decide to enter the world of juicy turkeys, welcome! It is likely that once you've brined, you will never go back.


Jeff said…
Hey Sooz, I can't remember the last time you made it up to Hagersbush, but behind the Vally Mall they have been steadily building and occupying said buildings. Places like PetCo, Target, Kohls, etc.. One of the places that has come in the past year is The Christmas Tree Shop". It's kinda a half-ornament-on-steroids shop and half Big Lots.

Why am I telling you this? Has to do with the brine.. I picked up a bag of herbed turkey brine mix there.. for $1.99. Saw the same bag in Martins the other day going for 6.
Suzanne said…
The last time we were there was right before we moved south, and Target and a few of the big box retailers were already there.

Doesn't surprise me that you found a brine really cheap, but it does that Martins is marking it up that much!

You will laugh. The designated brining bucket? It's a McKutcheon's white cider bucket. When we lived right up the road from them, they had them on the front porch for sale for a buck each. I looked at Ed and said "BRINING BUCKET!" and that was all she wrote.

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