Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Funny thing, earwigs. I'm trying to eradicate one right now, without much success.

You know what I am talking about-those songs that get stuck in your head. A friend and fellow blogger, Robin, decided to feature a song in her Salute the the 70's (her very own special feature I *usually* enjoy). Not just any song, a football team fight song.

The football team song is in a class by itself. It has to be simple, so that even the youngest fans can sing along. It has to be catchy, so the adults can sing it, too. Depending on the team, it might have to be extra simple, because those fans can get really snockered during the game. Wouldn't you, if your team typically had a season of 2-14?

I've lived in three major metro areas and had five, count them five NFL teams playing within an hour's drive. Only one got on my nerves, thankfully. But "Hail to the Redskins" isn't to blame for my current earwig dilemma.

No, it's a team that plays right here in the Sunshine state. Robin posted a link to the Miami Dolphins song and not only do I hear that, I hear the Looney Toons "An Itch In Time" sketch, too (for the "Food Around the Corner" song.

Thanks, Robin.

So, you are warned. This is an annoyance I suggest you don't listen to today. But if you want to annoy those who get on your nerves, go ahead and play this one for them:


I don't know whether to laugh or apologize!!!

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