What a Weekend!

Yes, it was a crazy week last week. Part of what made it crazy for me is knowing what Friday through Monday would include:

Friday-My IT Ethics group project had to be turned in. I did my portion, then planned to put the Editor's hat on and tweak what was done. I look at assignments as if I was the one grading it. I think it turned out fantastic, but won't know how we did until next Saturday-after the other nine groups review it.

Also due Friday-an individual chapter test and a group discussion assignment for the same class.

Saturday-three hours reviewing the study guide for my Literature mid term. It's funny how many of the terms overlap what I'd learned in the two summer classes, because now those definitions are indelibly etched on my brain. The, I got in about an hour and a half of studying before the Halloween festivities.

Sunday-As soon as I got up, I took the Literature midterm-and got 100. Yay! Another hour of studying, then off to a Scout troop budget meeting. I didn't want to go, because I knew it'd take most of my day away from studying. Six hours later-it sucks to be right-we headed home. My brain was fried from all that number crunching (and back spasms throughout) that I didn't study.

Monday-Get up and study some more, because I had an exam in tonight's class. Oh, and finish the lab project that was due tonight, too. (I observed Game Teen for two hours and recorded how much unsolicited sound comes out of the child's mouth. Can we say A LOT?)
At 4pm, I was stressing out, thinking that I hadn't done enough studying, and I still hadn't typed up the summary for the lab report.

Somehow, it all got done, I showed up 15 minutes late for class, and the test I thought I was going to bomb wasn't all that bad.

This was in addition to a mid term paper in my Counseling Skills class. There's still a big project due next weekend, but at least I won't have any more weeks where all four classes have major assignments. This semester, anyway.

I figure if I can have a week like last week and get all that stuff done, I can't be doing too bad!


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