Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

A friend mentioned on Facebook the other day that he'd gone to a Karaoke bar in NYC and sang Bill Wither's "Ain't No Sunshine" in front of the crowd. Amazing what a good song will compel a guy who doesn't sing in front of the crowds to do!

The mention of this jazz and blues singer brought back many pleasant memories, of late nights, AM radios and a voice dripping the blues. I've always loved his voice and that song in particular just brings the raw emotion to life.

I commented about another Bill Withers gem that the average person thinks is Grover Washington, Jr. However, Grover plays the sax and Bill sings the song on the song that is said to have inspired the Smooth Jazz genre "Just the Two of Us."

Once again, someone mentions a favorite from my past and I want to track down a greatest hits album, because he's a great song crafter AND singer.

Enjoy these two, as I have been listening to these oldies but goodies since Dennis mentioned them:


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