Yet Another Sign the Internet Will Explode

I joined Twitter.

Back in January, I saw it on Bonnie's sidebar and thought "Wow, that's neat." I contemplated getting in on the action. Based on her Tweets, though, I suspected that it was a feed reader of all the comments she made on other blogs. That scared me off.

The idea that my comments I made elsewhere would be attached to the blog made it an unpalatable option. I started the blog to voice my thoughts, but the reality is that sometimes, the things you want to say can't be said where you want to say them.

This has been vaguely mentioned before. I even made a statement that if what I said offended anyone, they should stop reading. It was a rough patch that many steady bloggers go through.

I was wrong. Unlike Fonzie, I can say those words, lol. I found out that those tweets on Bonnie's blog? Just proof that the woman is very prolific (and funny). My comments to support others, vent about shared experiences and digs at politicos wouldn't make it onto my blog (be glad of that, my friends!) Twitter is like commenting on a blog post, without the post itself. So far, my feed looks like a span of non sequitirs.

Several of my favorites in the blogosphere already are on Twitter. Many of the Tech TV refugees have been Twittering for ages. I decided to join and get that feeling of awkwardness I left behind when I graduated high school! The "I'm going to be chosen last for kickball again" feeling, but with millions of people instead of just the mean girls of Merrick.

If the Internet explodes? I didn't do it! If it doesn't, you can find me on Twitter. I'm Suzannadanna.

Everybody now, sing along with Genesis..."I will follow you, if you follow me..." Uh oh, there go ALL 5 of my followers. Maybe I haven't figured out this Twitter thing AT ALL!


Bonnie said…
I like Twitter because when I have a short thought I want to share with the world it doesn't require a whole blog post.
imaginary binky said…
Ah, you'll love it! Lately, I've found it amusing to say something randy and then watch my follower count drop. It's like a feats of strength challenge.

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