Why Oh WiFi

No internet. Strangely, I paid that bill three weeks ago, but I came home at lunch to no cable or internet. Great.

To fulfill my blogging quest (220 odd days consecutively thus far), I'm out using bandwidth. This time, purchased.

Yep, many local McDonald's now have WiFi in their restaurants. It'll cost you: 2.95 for two hours. If you're like me, with a crappy laptop battery that only lasts five to ten minutes, you probably would look along the walls beneath the tables in the hopes of finding a plug for your computer.

Right idea, wrong place. McD's has plugs above the tables. Picture a balance compromised shorty like me climbing up to plug a cord in and not quite reaching. Eight dwarf, Clumsy, somehow managed this without injury. Woohoo.

You're wondering why I paid for what I can find for free elsewhere. I was too late for Barnes and Noble, Panera or Moe's. $tarbuck$ uses TMo's hotspots, and I believe those are 6.95 for a day. Border's is on the other side of town. I'm still figuring out where else there is WiFi in these parts. I haven't found the library yet, not that it would have been open at 10pm.

Internet woes got me to thinking. Perhaps I should make a list of all the WiFi locations I've found in my new town and update it as I find more. Even list whatever fee I find the business charging. (I miss my Indigo right now-good coffee AND free WiFi!).

Then I thought of businesses that if they don't exist, they should. Laundromats with WiFi. I'm sure you'll find those in metropolitan locales, but Lakeland is a small town that thinks it's a big one. Don't get me wrong, I like that quality, it just doesn't help my predicament! If there is a laundromat around here that does provide internet access, they sure aren't advertising it-and they should!

Once I get out of the financial state we're in, I do want that iPhone to prevent these issues. However, AT&T instituted a credit check for customers purchasing one-so that kills that dream. My credit will look like shit for a long time to come. A crackberry is cheaper, but doesn't give me web capabilities. Oh well.

I may just end up writing a bunch of entries and predating them to post each day. That feels like cheating, though.

I keep telling myself this is temporary, it'll get better. However, in the past four years, it only gets worse when I try to be my positive, Mary Poppins like self. Moving to Florida seems more and more like the dumbest thing I have ever done.



simba2 said…
Crackberries have full internet access. I can even tether mine to my laptop and websurf (albeit it isn't quick)from my laptop. You just need a generous data plan.
Angela said…
Hi Suzanne,
I just recently stumbled across your blog...and I'm already a huge fan! Keep up with the good work with the whole 365 days in a row thing. It'll give me something to read at work :)

P.s. I live in Florida, too (since I was 4) and I love it! Don't worry, you'll get used to it!
Mike Golch said…
I have two PCs and only one spot in the house that I can connect my DSL box to. My solution was to buy an wireless router and a reciever for the othe computer. at first I could not get the router and the reciever to talk to each other the reciever was talking to some bodys wireless but not mine at first.
Suzanne said…

The router isn't the problem. I don't have any internet connectivity-due to it getting shut off.

Hi Angela! I like Florida, it just seems like life has been crappy since moving here.

Jill, interesting. One of the bosses has a curve and I'd asked him if he can surf with it and was told he couldn't.
simba2 said…
The Curve is the Crackberry that I have. I love it :) He might not have a dataplan that allows surfing, I dunno.
imaginary binky said…
I think you are feeling the same pains I had when I was in Texas and searching in vain for Internet access. Ah, the joys.

Credit checks for iPhones? Yet one more reason I will never have one. Argh.
Holly said…
You can come to our house and use our Bandwidth ANYTIME!

Hope you're liking Florida again. We all have our days- but could you really go back to all that SNOW????

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