A Scouting We Will Go

After a six week hiatus, thanks to Ed and I both working Tuesday nights, we're about to head back to Boy Scouts. Gameboy is happy about it and even put up with my insistence that he shower and brush his teeth!

This came about thanks to a change in my schedule. My job has set schedules, and my old rotation was Wednesday/Thursday off. Now, I'm Tuesday/Wednesday. Not perfect, but good enough. Somehow, Ed will have to arrange Monday nights off when the kids go back to school, so that Chef Jr can attend Cub Scouts.

(Oh, Vern's Nephew is still announcing his presence. Ow.)

Woohoo to our friends Bob, Maureen and their son. As I write this, they are caravaning down here to their new home. They sold and closed on their home up north yesterday and make it down here with plenty of time to spare before school begins in August. It'll be nice to have them here.


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