What's For Dinner Wednesday

Tonight's dinner was a potpourri. Ed and I had Tacos, Chef had some of the Bacon Rings I made last night and Gameboy got the homemade Pizza he requested on Sunday night.

He'd requested the deep dish, but I wanted to play with the thin crust dough that works so well for the pepperoni rolls. It is a good dough recipe, very pliable. Docking it worked great-but I probably could have done with rolling it thinner. My concern was fitting it on that pan. I think the next effort will probably be to the dimensions of that pan. So what if it doesn't look right? It tastes right.

Also cooking right now is some Chili, to be used sometime this week. I might use it in another Tamale bake, I'm not sure yet.


Anonymous said…
Chef,you and I think a like,I had pizza as well,but mine was on french bread.
I hope every body is haveing a great day!
That's my story and by golly I'm sticking to it. Big Time Hugs and God's love and Blessings headed your way!
Jennifer H said…
I want to move in with you now. Is that weird? :-)

We often don't all eat the same thing for dinner. Sometimes I think it's ridiculous, how many different things I prepare, but it's also great sometimes since everyone gets what he/she is craving.

That pizza looks seriously yummy. Save me some chili!
Suzanne said…
Mike, french bread pizza sounds good, too!

Jennifer, I usually don't make multiple things, but this week I needed to use up ground beef and I promised the pizza. Everybody's happy and there was a nice variety of leftovers.

The secret to good pizza-mix equal parts white cheddar and mozzarella. Seriously, it tastes right. We've got plenty of chili, come on over!

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