Live from the Library

In the quest for internet access, I found the library today. It's downtown. Near a lake. Not a surprise, considering just how many lakes there really are in LAKEland.

I called for directions and was told "We're next to Lake Morton". That's nice-which one is Lake Morton? The one by Florida Southern College, the one by Lakeland Electric, the one by the huge Power Plant, the one off of Harden Boulevard, or the one that has a Yacht Club on its banks?

Yes, you read that right-on one of these lakes, there is a Yacht and Country Club. It is plenty prestigious to be a member of a country club, but no, it's also a Yacht club. Honestly, I think the deepest this lake probably gets is eight feet, so that yacht would have to be an inflatable raft!

I forgot my USB cable, or else I could show you the view out the library window. There's a nice park bench, beautiful shade trees and a view of downtown across this lake. The library itself is quite nice, with the Polk Art Museum across the parking lot.

Sometimes, something cruddy happens and frustrates you to no end. Then it forces you to seek other avenues to get the job done and sends you on a journey where you find something pretty cool in the effort.

This beats yesterday's effort for bandwidth. Moe's router appeared to be down, so I went over to Panera, got soaked in the deluge and once inside, found fifteen other people had the same idea and I was out of luck for accessing their network. Then I got further soaked going back into work-it took two hours to dry.

(Maybe, the cheerleader is trying to restore her place in my psyche. She's come back quicker if that Prize patrol brought us fifty grand. Even twenty grand. Heck, we'll take ten-I did say I'm not greedy! ;) )

**the google search was left over from the sitemeter hit that I was checking. Someone in Las Vegas is thinking of divorce and foreclosure-and I was in the first page of Google. Weird.


Mike Golch said…
the prize patrol was talking about 5,ooo a week for life. I's settle fot one 5 g payment a month.I'm not greedy either.
Joyce-Anne said…
I love my public library. It always has so much to offer...even free internet. :-)
imaginary binky said…
It would be funny to tell the prize patrol that you must be found at the library. Everyone would yell, "Shhh!" while you scream for joy. Heheh.

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