Weird Dream

There must be a run of weird dreams. ShannyMar had one the other day that she recounted.

Mine was just weird:
Ed and I are walking into a cocktail hour, dressed up. It apparently is a reunion for my high school. (the last one I attended was my 10 year, if there was a 25, it'd be next year) It is being held at one of the fancier hotels on Long Island. We're mixing and mingling, but the consistent thing is that no one believes I am me. My answer was "Yes, I cut my hair off!" (it's been shoulder length or longer since I was 12.)

At one point, the president of the choir 'tests' me by asking questions to prove I was who I said I was. Questions like "Mr. Thayer had us rehearse this song for the choral festival, but we did what other song instead?" He finally believes me.

While I'm in conversation with him and another choir member, I notice the room emptying , and I assume it's to go into the ballroom for the dinner. However, Ed and I walk out into the grand hallway (strange thing here: it was like the grand hallway from the Huntington Hilton, but the ballrooms were like the Marriott) and it is deserted, with just a handful of people. The ballroom is empty, so it's just me, Ed and the handful of people we'd been talking with.

We go search in the kitchen and other parts of the hall, and the staff say that the party is supposed to last until 4am, but it's like 9pm and everyone else is gone. The staff is now playing cards, because there's nothing to do-and tons of food in the kitchen.

When we get back to the main hallway, a few people walk in. One of them is my friend Judy, and we recognize each other immediately. I didn't go to high school with her, though-we met in Maryland and she now lives back on Long Island. She and I sit at a table and she, Ed and I catch up on what's happened in our lives.

Next thing I know, I'm walking in a hilly neighborhood here in Florida the next morning. I forget most of it, but I pass by two churches that are near us (but it's not hilly there) and on the stage are several of the musicians who appear in the "I Can Imagine" Christian Anthems commercials.

I can't say it's from eating strange food before bedtime, but it was weird!


Joyce-Anne said…
That was a strange dream. I won't even try to interpret that one.

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