My Stupid Leg Hates Me.

Without bandwidth at home, I decided to unpack some boxes the other day. I'd like to get them emptied out for several reasons:

*I think our dining table is too big for the breakfast nook, switching it with our computer desks is a better use of space

*Bob and Maureen go to closing on their house up north on Monday and need our stuff out of their garage like NOW.

*I don't like looking at them.

In the process of moving some of them, I smashed my second toe on the 13" TV that the boys use to play Gamecube. It got slammed HARD. Thankfully, I didn't break it. However, now it has Vern Troyer's small nephew sticking some sort of sharp pointy knife into it.

Friggin RSD. I'm sure if I'd done this to the right foot, there would be the occasional twinge. Noooo, this is the foot with the fried nerves. What are fried nerves like? Um, try scratching the inside of your metatarsal arch and feeling the pressure on your upper calf! Yep, that's what happens. I am contemplating a vicodin right now. I've been pain med free since April and I did something stupid to make this flare up. Lovely.

Oh, do me a favor. Visit the lovely Grandy's blog, since it's her 150th post. She has a goal of 100 hits a day and I'd love to see her hit that goal. Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep my 50 hanging around. 100 daily readers would probably send me into orbit.


Mike Golch said…
Suzanne, I can relate to using the kitchen tabe as a computer desk. I have done just that with our old kitchen table that was too big for our tiny dining it ended up as a table in the basement to fold clothes on than when I went into realestated and i wanted to use the front bedroom as a satalite office I brought that table up to the bedroom and is still is my "desk" today! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Hugs and Blessings.
imaginary binky said…
Sorry about your toe (especially the sadistic midget part). I somehow always manage to smash my tootsies during a move, too.
Holly said…
Ouch! Watch those toes Suzanne! Sounds like a good excuse to take a break from unpacking and put your foot up on the couch. Hope it's feeling better!
Grandy said…
That's a bummer about the toe. I'm sorry. Thanks so much for the sweet linky love.

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