Aquatica, the Sequel

We went back to Aquatica today. For those keeping track in the home game, this makes the second visit for three of us-and the first visit for Gameboy and our friends, Bob, Maureen and their son.

We got a great day, with the requisite afternoon thunderstorm that cleared the wimpy folk out. It's things like that that make you say "DUH, you're at a water park to GET WET!" We love it when people do dumb stuff like that, because two of us were able to ride a bunch of the slides with minimal lines.

I did have every intention of taking some pictures for those Googlers who visit the blog at least twice a day for an "Aquatica" search. However, the lure of all the fun activities kept me from taking many. I got some at the beginning of the day and some shortly before we left of my boys on the sandy beach. That's it.

I've got patches of lobster red skin to show for all the sun today, but it was worth it.

Why? Several reasons:

*Gameboy had a fantastic day. We've known for a long time that Gameboy+Water activities=compliant kid. Now that he's been there and has a distinct favorite ride, we can use that as a reward for good behavior.

*We had company with us. Bob and Maureen have been busy unpacking and settling into their new home. I'm glad that they liked the suggestion to join us, because it was nice to hang out with another family. What was cool is that I took their son to ride some slides and Maureen took my kids on the rapids. Cool deal!

*We got to experience more rides, but we spent the most time on the same ride as last time. (Roa Rapids). I love this ride and it moves up many notches in my book, because we got some genuine laughs from Gameboy on it. He even suggested that we adults just let the three boys ride the Rapids as long as they wanted ON THEIR OWN!

Yes, at 10:30, he was very rigid and nervous to do the laps around the rapids. As a parent, I anticipated this and escorted Gameboy around the ride, talking him through how you work with the water's flow. I knew that he was getting the hang of it and enjoying it when, a few circuits later, he was venturing off ahead of me and keeping close to the sides because that's where the water runs fastest!

*We found four low slung beach chairs to deposit our towels and bags (but the valuables went into a locker). However, when we took our first break from the Roa Rapids, the gentleman who'd had his towels draped on the chaises next to us offered them to us! It was very kind-and nice that we all had someplace to vegetate.

The rides?

I only sat at the edge of the wimpy wave pool this time, because I'd gone off to do the slides this time. However, I will give the larger wave pool major props-it's the fun of being ocean side without the sandy bottoms.

Roa Rapids got 14 thumbs up (every one of us loved it). This trip, I used the flotation vest-and that most definitely enhanced the fun. We kept on going and going. Heck, I said to Gameboy that the next time here, if he wanted to just spend the day on the Rapids, we'd do it. (I think I'll be held to that, too)

We did the Loggerhead Lane again, but I was able to check out the Tassie's Twister this time. I have to say that it was worth the wait. From the top of the tower, you do a speed shot down a dark, enclosed tunnel (in a raft) to a 'bowl' where you spin around and then finally, you're finishing the descent (usually backwards) down into Loggerhead Lane's lazy river. A note here: if you arch your back on the raft (as if it were a luge), you'll get more revolutions in that bowl!

Hooroo Run has a large raft for two or three people (we had two) and on this one, we didn't have to cart the raft up to the top of the tower. The wait was long for the short ride, but it was tons of fun. Think of your typical playground slide, but 5 stories tall, with water running down it and you're riding in a raft.

I've now been on all four runs of Whanau Way (three today), and I have to say I like the Blue and Green ones the best. They're covered and dark and enhance the experience. Both days, I ended up doing runs one right after the other and man, five flights of stairs back to back is tiring! (both times, the equivalent of 15 flights in less than 20 minutes!)

We wanted to do Dolphin Drop, but the line was long all day, until we were dressed and leaving the park at 6:30. I promised the boys that once September rolls around, the crowds will be manageable and we'll do it.

The only negative that I see here is that we had lunch this time. There isn't a lot of variety. Yes, we all found something to eat, but the two counter service places served all the same items except one had pizza and the other had cheese steak sandwiches. I'm hoping that the menus evolve that you can choose from a larger variety in the future.

It was a good, tiring day. I'm sure that now that Gameboy has been, we'll probably get nailed to go back at first opportunity. Works for me.


ligirl said…
I know we spoke about your visit last night, but it is so great to see it in print, too! And I am SO glad to hear Gameboy had such a great day (and all the rest of you as well!) That is so wonderful to hear! I'm so happy that Bob and Maureen are now close by, as well. Hope you all have many, many more fun days together to come!
imaginary binky said…
Woohoo! I hope you said woohoo! at least a few times. When can I take Amos to a water park? Ah, the times we'll have.

Also, for some reason I now have the tunes to "The Brady Bunch" and that song "Aquarius" stuck in my head as I sing, "Aquatica! Aquatica!"
Suzanne said…
I was seeing babies much smaller than Amos with the adorable life vests everywhere. The rapids ride and the Loggerhead Lane (a lazy river with inner tubes) were full of parents with infants.

Yes, there were Woohoos a plenty all day long, especially going down the slides!

How sad is it that it's after 5 and I'm still in my jammies because I know any other clothes I put on will hurt?!
Bob said…
g'day mate. We all had a great time. Thanks for asking. Robert is ready to go back right now. He really enjoyed the slides. We broke down and bought the annual passes for all 4 parks.

Suzanne said…

Did you hear Gameboy's cheer at your end of town? Somehow, I'm having a heart attack at NO surprise, lol!

Just you wait until you experience their Halloweekends!
Saffa Chick said…
Wow what a day! I'm tired just reading about it ;-). I haven't been to a water park in many years - I was about 14 I think. I liked the wave pool and terrified the bejaysus out of myself on something called the kamikaze! The best were the twisty slides...

I remember sunburn and skinned elbows from not holding them in properly. And very clean sinuses.

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