Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

I can't do the topic I want to today. It requires a map with some landmarks posted on it!

So, I present what happens when you own an iPod and want to blast a song from a surround sound system. As any good shopper knows, when you're considering a sound system (or dreaming of owning a nice one), you should bring your own test music. Stuff you know intimately. Stuff that if someone played you ONE bar of it, you'd know exactly where in the song it is.

If I've only got one song to test a system, it will be October Project's "Take Me As I Am". It provides some quiet parts, wonderful multilayered instruments, great vocals and some very powerful (aka LOUD) segments. The link provided is a YouTube someone made with the song that gives you an idea of what I am talking about.

The first two October Project cd's, if they were albums, would be worn out from the thousands of playings from either Ed or myself. Thankfully, the CD medium and the iPod don't suffer those issues. In making a playlist the other day, I saw that "Take Me As I Am" is the most played song on the iPod, more than double the second place song.

However, I Was playing with a JVC sound dock TV to see how they worked and I wanted to listen to this song in the surround sound set up with it. The saleperson told me that the JVC doesn't let you access the full playlist. It plays songs in alphabetical order. You can jump 50 songs at a time, then one at a time to get where you want.

Yikes! I'm thinking those 160 gig iPods would be a pain in the tuchus with this system, and my 2500 or so songs were difficult to get through. (plus, that remote didn't recognize me pressing down half the time).

What I did notice is that I was very happy to finally get to the T's. Then, I got to Take and thought "Whew, finally!" It took twelve songs to get to "Take Me As I Am" There are a lot of songs in my iPod with Take as the first word. (even more with YOU.)

Just an observation from my weird mind. Oh, and that JVC? I wouldn't consider it for that reason. I'd probably go with a Klipsch dock where you can access the whole system and your playlists. JVC should consider that in their next generation. When you spend all that time and effort in making playlists of your favorites, you do want to access them.


Holly said…
Rock on! Haven't read your blog in a few weeks- it's very entertaining. I'll be checking it much more often!

Glad you discovered the library in Lakeland. I have found this summer that the library in Auburndale has most of the new releases that I've been wanting to read- I have been pleasantly surprised. You can pull up the card catalog online to see where your favorites are- I've been reading a lot of Randy Wayne White this summer. His books are funny, page-turners that take place in Florida (Sanibel/Captiva).

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