Further Proof the Internet Will Explode

I'm finally doing something with my Facebook page. I have friends, woohoo. In fact, Ed commented on the fact that I put up my marital status and it said "Suzanne got married" and yesterday's date. He congratulated me on my marriage.

So far, I suspect it will be a whole lot of nothing-but it did find me a few people from high school that I'd always wanted to say Hi to again. You know, the people who actually were nice and friendly, no matter whether you were popular or not.

In some down time today, I calculated that I am averaging 40 posts a month. At that rate, I'll fall just shy of 500 posts for 2008. Guess I better step things up, eh? If I do hit 500 posts this year, I'll be 20 posts away from 1000. When I started this thing, I never thought I'd get that many posts in-or that I'd meet so many people as a result. Awesome stuff.


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