First commercial break for NFNS, and Donna calls me to vent about what's bothering her, too.

Gosh, this reminds me of being a teen and doing the same with friends as we watched TV.

Update: Adam cracked me up. Now I'm bummed that Aida's going to do his concept!

Another Update: Aaron rocked it out! His personality FINALLY shows up when he needed it!

This is too funny!

CONGRATS, AARON! Can't wait to see Big Daddy's Kitchen!


Joyce-Anne said…
Yay Aaron! For a while there, I was afraid that Lisa would win. Hey, did you notice that the network didn't let "the people" decide this year?

can't wait to see Aaron's show. :-)
ligirl said…
I second Joyce's comment! Yay, Aaron!! (I did not care for Lisa AT ALL...TOO snooty and stuck-up for me!)

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