The Great Birthday

Chef got the day he wanted yesterday. It's nice when we can actually do what is requested!

First up, he got the breakfast of choice, sausage gravy and biscuits. You can definitely tell these boys are raised in the south! Afterwards, dad brought out his new bike. Smart child that he is, he ran to hug Daddy.
His other requests were dinner at Red Lobster and a visit to Sea World. A quick call to Sea World found that tonight was the last night they would be open until 11pm-so we didn't have to rush over and deal with the heat (and tons of Brazilian tour groups, either-just some of them).

One of my coworkers asked me to stop by the store because she had a little something for the Crustacean Kid. It ends up that Kristen had a $25 gift card to Red Lobster. Awesome! Chef could now choose whatever he wanted on the menu. Of course, he went for the biggest, baddest crustacean meal around.

First, a salad. If the dressing has cheese or garlic, sign him up.

Next, he worked on the plate of crab legs, lobster tail, and garlic shrimp. We ended up sharing around and as a result, he also had scallops, clams and fried shrimp. Yum.
All the seafood at one meal made us a bit goofy.

With his new email account, we signed him up for the Red Lobster Fresh Catch club, and he got a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert. It was a tough call, but he chose dessert.

Next stop, Sea World!

The first stop on most trips here is the Sharks! Encounter. Pretty funny, because we had to drag Chef in the first time we'd visited the park. Here, a photo of the fish that looks like a salad.

There were two things we haven't seen before, because they're only run during the later hours that we tend to miss. The first was Shamu Rocks:

It was a pretty cool show, with various snippets of rock music and the killer whales performing the acrobatics that are cool to watch.

Wish this one wasn't so darn blurry.

Mama and baby whale. I think there's a picture in here from our visit back in early spring, baby has doubled in size in a short time!

Afterwards, we took in Wild Arctic and the Penguin Encounter, then settled in for almost an hour to wait for Mistify to begin.

Had we known what we were in for, we would have skipped it. There is a handicapped viewing area, which we were eligible for since I use the walker. However, it's an obstructed view and there were bright lights on that area (the rest of the waterfront area had the lights turned out). We were underwhelmed. We'll give it another try by going to another viewing area, but I think we're rather spoiled by the dozens of viewings of Illuminations, Wishes and Fantasmic.

We were out the front gate at 11pm and home before midnight. It was a darn good day.


daysgoby said…
Happy Birthday, Chef!

Thought of you this weekend - I was at my Dad's in New York and had some Zapp's (sea salt and black pepper)...I may have to get him to send me a box....
Saffa Chick said…
I've seen the salad fish while diving (it's called a Weedy Sea Dragon which is a pretty cool name).

What an awesome day, and now I'm craving seafood! Happy Birthday ;-)

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