Number Nine, Number Nine

Chef turns nine on Sunday. This is the first year where the child has been anxiously counting down to the big day. Aren't we lucky! Actually, I think we are-he's the one child on the planet who is PISSED that I didn't let them wait until his due date to do the C section-he wanted to share our birthdays.

His first request for the day was a meal at Emeril's at Citywalk in Orlando. I made the reservations ages ago and planned for the Sunday off. Then he changed his mind and decided he wanted a bicycle. Our respective wallets sighed in relief!

Thus began the searching. Then, more searching. After lots of conversations and some negotiations, a decision was made. He's getting a trick style bike Sunday morning. It's being hidden in our walk in closet, since he's got uncanny sleuthing skills.

That Orange County Chopper bike served him fairly well, but gosh darn it, kids GROW.

Pictures on Sunday, if I can get him to slow down long enough for me to get some!


Joyce-Anne said…
An early Happy Birthday Chef Jr.! I wanted to wait to deliver Alexandra, but in New York doctors won't let you wait until your due date to have the c-section, they're too fearful that their patient will go into labor. At least that's the excuse I got.
Geggie said…
Happy Birthday Chef!

Enjoy the bike!

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