What's For Dinner Wednesday

It's a wonder I did make dinner today. I've had no energy and a headache. A soak in the tub is in the near future. However, there are fans that I can't disappoint, lol!

Oh, and Saffa Chick has jumped on the What's For Dinner bandwagon. If you want to see yummy meals from Down Under, check her out!

Yesterday, I promised Gameboy that he could have pizza tonight. He was instructed to remind me to make dough first thing this morning. The child who has to be reminded to do basic things like brush his teeth and take his meds reminded me as soon as I awoke this morning that I needed to make the pizza dough.

This time, I was smart. I made a double batch of dough, so that it's ready whenever Ed might need it. The kids love the homemade variety and I like not paying for pizza out-especially since the only good pizza on this side of town is a little pricey (but worth it).

Then we went down a different path with the pizza. Both boys wanted white pizza. It started with a brush of olive oil, copious garlic, sausage and finished with mozzarella and asiago cheese. A little asiago goes a long way-and it is Chef's favorite. Here's one of the individual pies they enjoyed.

For my dinner, I finally tried making something that has been bugging me for years. Planet Hollywood has Captain Crunch Chicken on their menu and it sounded good, but something else always won out when I ordered my meals. Then, we've seen a Diners, Dives and Drive Ins with a Captain Crunch coated French Toast and it put that in my head. Tonight, I finally searched for that Captain Crunch Chicken recipe. Here's my result:That's a side of fried sweet potatoes. Yes, that is an appetizer plate, the usual portion size for me.

Anyway, if you were wondering about the chicken on the Planet Hollywood menu, but were too timid (err, chicken) to try it? It turned out great. It's got onion, garlic, salt and pepper in the recipe to counterbalance the sweetness of the Captain Crunch. It worked fantastic. I know they serve it with a dipping sauce, but honestly, this stuff didn't need a thing.

Oh, where are my vegetables? I really was in the mood for some garlic green beans ever since I saw that finale of Next Food Network Star. Alas, my bowl of them showed off a bunch of freezer burn that was hidden prior to microwaving. Today, you get to see a What's For Dinner Reject: my green beans: The next trip to the market will require a bag of green beans, because I won't rest until I have some.

I think the beauty of the Captain Crunch Chicken is that it will probably stay nice and crisp for reheating. Its a good thing there are plenty of leftovers.


Saffa Chick said…
I don't think I've ever made dough from scratch. Except in my bread machine... which is in a box somewhere. I should find it soon!

And Milord and I don't much like fried food so I find your fried recipes fascinating!

We've made some very interesting meals recently, but do you think I remembered to take photos?! Milord thinks I'm a nutter when I photograph the food!

Thanks for the linky love hun ;-)

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