Dysgraphia and More

We had Gameboy's appointment with his Psychiatrist this afternoon. Of all of the doctors he's seen over the years, I think I like Dr. N the best. She's very astute and comes up with treatments and ideas that no one else ever has.

We mentioned the Dysgraphia today. She knew he'd had this issue, but we never had a name for it. Today, she asked if he'd seen a neurologist (never suggested before) or had occupational therapy for it. She is researching on her end what we need to do to have a definitive diagnosis on paper to get him OT. This is how it is at each visit-she's always looking for ways to work on what can be improved for him. We go back in six weeks and will have some suggestions in time for the school year.

Afterwards, we went over to Busch Gardens. The boys succeeded in keeping us from any roller coasters, we all got completely soaked on the log flumes and we found that Jungala was a hit with the boys, but underwhelming for the adults. C'est la vie.


Jennifer H said…
Sounds like you have someone great in Gameboy's corner.

Busch Gardens sounds like a lot of fun! But no roller coasters?

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