Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

The Next Generation.

As I mentioned last week, Dad had a huge influence on my early musical education with the constant radio playing, the records purchased, the plays attended and the music lessons. With my kids, it's a slightly different approach, but I think we're getting similar results.

Gameboy has the constant video soundtrack going in his head, but when he's not playing those games, you might find him with the iPod headphones. Unlike most kids, though, he's got tons of movie soundtracks on that thing! (hmmm, interesting, don't know where that comes from!). It's a bit of a trade off for me-he discontinued piano lessons 18 months in because his newly diagnosed OCD was making practicing torture for him.

Chef Jr is always singing. (again, no clue why he does that!) He creates songs, he sings what he's heard and has a great ear. The only disconcerting thing there is that his favorite teacher exposed him to "I Believe I Can Fly" by R Kelly. Ed and I have to keep our mouths shut about the original performer, because he likes singing the song.

He's also got a nightly habit that I like. Since he has difficulty getting to sleep when there's noise outside the room, he's begun playing a CD at bedtime. The cool part? He either plays a soundtrack or either his new found pleasures, jazz, new age or classical music.

It's pretty neat that the kids aren't just listening to music because their peers are-they're choosing stuff because they like it. As a parent, I need to do my best to encourage it.


Mike Golch said…
I believe I can fly is a good sone even if the singer is not. I believe that children tend to do better if not forced to do something a kid I was not good at musical instruments. as an adult I started getting the hang of music especially when I found something I liked ad was good at playing it.
Hence the Hammered Dulicmer.

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