Our Thanksgiving tradition for years has been ham. Yes, we've done a turkey here or there, but Ed's not a big fan. If I brine it, he'll eat it. However, the call of a ham that's been slathered in mustard, coated in ginger snap crumbs and basted with bourbon is usually too much to pass up.

Then we got the grill.

I'm not sure who suggested it first, but Ed definitely was up for a grilled and smoked turkey. He went and visited our GMG dealer to see what he suggested, and Ed arrived home with a big container of greek rub and directions to cook at 275. However, the message I got is that it'll take a while, so I started that bird at 9:30am.

Yeah, I should have called Ron and found out how big a bird he tends to do. It was done in just under three hours. It was sooooo pretty.

However, Jane was planning on us arriving at 5pm, so we waited on carving.

Our patience was rewarded, as it was tasty and tender. It still had great turkey flavor, a hint of smoke and it was moist and flavorful from that rub.

Now I'm wondering if we should do one for Christmas, too.

And lamenting the fact that I didn't get an 18 pound bird...


Lisa said…
YEs, smoked turkey is the ticket at the Combs House! I bought a smoker for our anniversary a few years ago and it has been great.

We smoked a 22 pounder. We had Thanksgiving, we had sandwiches, we had turkey and dumplings. And we have turkey in the freezer for tamales and pot pit later. We also smoke fish, tofu, seafoods like octopus... many turn their nose up at octopi... but done correctly (not over cooked) seasoned with fresh citrus and flash seared on a hot grill with greek rice or lemon potatoes, it is the BOMB!
I am a bread baker as well. I blog but was severely interrupted with the Nanowrimo challenge this month. %0 K word count in novel form in 39 days. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Lisa of

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