Thursday, November 11, 2010

Not Happy with Volkswagen Right Now

I want to show you all something. What do you think this is?

Yes, it is the interior of my car, specifically, the driver side door.

It looks like something's missing, right? Like maybe this?:

What I want to know right now:
*Why this part broke, when I do 95% of the driving of this car and I don't abuse this item.
*How this can happen when I have grip strength in my left that is about 30% less than most people (yes, numerous wrist surgeries and tests of grip strength bear this out)
*Why the heck would a part like this would be made of PLASTIC?

And the biggie...


My options are to
A. Epoxy the heck out of it and hope it doesn't happen again
B. Take a piece of duct tape and fashion a pull tab on the door up by the window
C. Roll down the window every time I want to close the door-which would be like, every time I want to actually drive my car
D. Pull on the Netting in the door that is designed to hold in little things, eventually breaking that, too
E. See if I can find a junkyard with a 2004 Beetle that I might be able to pull this part out of and hope I don't get charged an arm and a leg for something that will surely break again.

In Googling this, I'm not the first with this problem and surely won't be the last. If I want chrome covers for the housing, they're available all over the Internet, but that's just covering the plastic that doesn't hold up to 118k miles in my car.

Kind of sad, considering my last VW had over 300k and I didn't have to replace a door handle. Granted, the door handle was integrated with an arm rest.

I think I want to try option E, but temporarily option A is what's going to happen. I won't have time for junkyards until next week.

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meghan said...

I'd love to see a handle made out of duct tape, you should go with that option.