He Did It Again

You'd think he'd learn.

Tonight, Chef bugged me to cut his hair. Once I was done removing Samson's curls, it was time to do Game Teen's head. I'd let both of them leave their hair long for their Halloween costumes.

I did a #2 clipper on Game Teen and didn't even get to take an after picture before he went into the shower. This is how he came out:

I was otherwise occupied, so Ed came and told me not to get mad, but Game Teen decided that I hadn't cut his hair short enough. All I can really do is laugh, because this isn't the first time the child decided that my hair cutting job wasn't short enough.

We asked him if he wanted one of us to take a razor to the rest, but he said no. So what you see above (and the sides that are also modified in patches) is what they'll see at school tomorrow...


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