Say What?

Last night, I was too wiped out from my duties on the selection committee to study for a test I would be taking tonight.

So, this morning, prior to the day's classes, I got about 1.5 hours study time, and then another half hour tonight. Not terribly much, but the material was overlapped in my other two psych classes this semester. I figured I'd take my lumps and get about an 80 out of the test.

(I have an extra credit opportunity AND I was running about a 90 heading into this exam)

I didn't do an 80, I got a 72. However, others in the class who DID spend a lot of time studying got lower grades. Much lower grades, to the point that the professor will be spending the day tomorrow reviewing the tests and graphing the questions that many of us got wrong.

She stated there will be a curve, and the grades will be corrected by the weekend.

So, if I did better than many of my peers without studying, perhaps it was a good thing I didn't study?


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