Big Bucket of Brine

The above bucket was purchased in 1999 from a little family-run food companyright by our house in Frederick, Maryland. They made the best apple butter you could buy in a store, and also made other jellies, preserves, pickles, relishes and chow chow. Their products are sold all over the area.

On one of the trips to the little shop beside their small factory, I noticed these pails outside with a sign that said they were a buck each. My first thought was 'hey, I've got a brining bucket, and a few weeks later, I made Alton Brown's turkey brine in it.

The bucket is a little piece of the place I called home, called into action whenever I need to brine. Yes, at 4 gallon size, it does get used for other things, but first and foremost is transforming a bird from boring to delicious.

While it is working its magic, I look at that pail and think of the little company it came from and the little city that was a great place to live.


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