Girl Time

When you live in a house with three males (four if you count the cat), you either give in or life is not pleasant. For the most part, I fit in better with the guys, but every once in a while, I need girl time.

Fortunately, I got some of that today. Meghan texted me after I'd gone to bed last night "wanna meet for lunch?" Heck, yeah, especially since it involved checking out one of the local Vera Bradley retailers that was in the same shopping center as the preferred lunch destination.

Also on tap was some shopping. Meghan has lost nearly 50 pounds on Weight Watchers and that means that clothing items are too big. I kept her company while she perused at a few stores. We somehow made it through Books a Million by just walking down the main aisle. I can't explain that one.

My schoolwork called me away, but it was good to just kibbitz for a few hours.


meghan said…
It was so good to finally hang out again, it had been far too long! I have NO idea how we bee-lined it through the bookstore without even looking, it baffles me too. lol. Can't wait to do it again! :)

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