The Update on the Leg

We wait.

According to Dr. J, it's the best he's seen it in years, which is the truth. His opinion was that I should keep doing what I'm doing. In other words, I should probably become a permanent student, so that my legs are elevated for many hours a day while I study.

Now, if only I could set up my perfect study plan, a comfy chaise with a rolling desk to put the books and laptop on. Something like this would be a good start:

While I'm dreaming, Ed would like a Dodge Challenger and the kids want iPads.

Where was I?

Oh, right. I'm apparently doing things right as it pertains to my leg. Dr. J's mindset is that it's better to leave it alone until it really poops the bed. At least I know what that looks like and so far, the changes that I've noticed aren't enough to be cause for alarm.

I also have a copy of Dr. B's interpretation of the ultrasound. It wasn't stated this time, but Dr. J's rationale for ordering the exam in the first place was that if there was anything that was helpful to getting SSDI, he'd provide the report. From what I read, it's not dire, but My Stupid Leg is definitely not anything remotely close to normal.

In defense terms, we're at DEFcon 4, cautious but not under alert at this time.

I'll take it.


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