Out From Under the Stress

Last night, for the first time in over a month, I finally felt like I was on top of my school work. That's because I've been missing assignments, unable to study for tests in the manner I need and not keeping up on the readings because the Jane BS took up my time and cognitive resources.

I had four assignments due last night and they were done before midnight. This morning, the alarm wasn't set for an hour before normal in an effort to get some studying done. No, I slept until 7. It was nice.

Heck, a professor is allowing me to take a quiz Friday because I'm going to miss the class Monday (for school related business) and I've got all but five of the pages read for that already. There are two major papers due the week of Thanksgiving and the legwork is done for both.

It felt really good to finally be on top of the work, instead of buried under it for so long. Then, tonight, I found out there's a test next week in a class.


Guess I need to get my nose into those notes before I get buried again!


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