Have you heard of brainlifts?

It's a procedure that I have mixed feelings about. Basically, a neurosurgeon implants wires into the various lobes of the brain, along with a battery, and it stimulates your brain to a higher level of functioning.

Currently, the procedure is one that can be obtained by those who have money for cash-only neurosurgery practices as a way to be on their A game in whatever their field is. The article I read was about a lawyer who wanted to return to practice after six years away and didn't want her colleagues to think she wasn't as sharp.

To me, there are great possibilities and great pitfalls. On the great side, what if it helped those with cognitive delays, such as Down syndrome or mild retardation to 'catch up' to normal levels of intelligence. On the down side, if this is only a procedure that the rich can get, would it widen the socioeconomic divide?

Where do you draw the line? Do you have to make two standardized tests for students, brainlifted and average?

Your thoughts?

(Yes, I do love the way that my classes inspire thought!)


Kaoscapt said…
Okay, so far you did a post on Brain Freeze and now Brainlifts. Does this mean there will soon be a post on Brain Farts and the hierarchy or relationship of them?

For example:
I believe that having a brainlift could potentially prevent the brain farts that are commonly caused by brain freeze.

Do you concur?

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