In the Thick of Things

This coming week is the last week of the semester, my last as an undergrad. On tap for me:

1 final (on Wednesday)
1 paper
1 quiz
7 chapters

Then the following week is finals for USF. I have two scheduled at the exact same time, the result of one of those classes occurring in Tampa and the other in Lakeland. Both professors have kindly offered to allow me alternative times to take their tests.

The day after that, I have a HUGE presentation on Spain for class (en espaƱol). The following week (after graduation) is finals week for the school where I take that course.

In amidst all of that is further interviewing and meetings for the committee I'm on.

So, the homestretch of this semester feels more like a gauntlet.

You'll all understand if the blog is heavy on short posts, right?


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