Applied Learning

As I've mentioned many times before, I attend a Polytechnic branch of my university. The literal translation is 'many disciplines', but what it really means is that students get the opportunity to put into action what they learn in the classroom.

In other words, applied learning.

Recently, I was asked to participate in a committee for my campus as the student representative. It is quite an honor to sit at a table with a dozen PhDs from my school and be asked for my opinion on the task at hand. The process is fascinating, and the opportunity is one that I'm flattered to be given.

Where it becomes relevant is the social psychology class is covering group dynamics, groupthought and how to avoid everyone saying 'me, too,' when they don't necessarily agree. Each point that we covered in class today was something I've witnessed as part of this committee's mode of operation.

So while this honor wasn't really meant to be an experience of applied learning, the fact that it is happens to be a very nice bonus.

Bring on that test...


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